Mystic Labradorite


Labradorite is one of the first gemstones that we ever worked with. It would come to us in dreams for us to use at the beginning of our awakening. We learned that it opens the mind to the multidimensional nature of reality. It helped us to expand our minds into the 4 and 5D realms of astrology. It also helped us to develop extra-sensory abilities that were dormant at the time. Labradorite is also useful to use during harsh astrological squares and oppositions, it softens their effects so that you don't feel so pressurized. It helps you to see and understand cosmic synchronicity so that you can follow synchronicity trails with clarity and new understanding. Astrology also has a magical dimension to it and Labradorite helps one to understand and operate on this level. It is an astral gemstone for sure...


This pendant was created by Mystic Amari. It is wrapped in fire treated copper.


Warmest blessings to the new owner,



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