Moon Goddess Aqua/Opal Earrings (VIDEO)


This is a gorgeous pair of custom gemstone earrings by Mystic Amari, the psychic half of Starseed Astrology. These earrings were crafted out of high grade Afghani Aquamarine, high grade Ethiopian opal, sterling silver, and gold fill wire. They offer the following metaphysical benefits to their new owner:


  • enhancment to creativity, interpersonal charm, and self esteem


  • personality increases in all the qualities and traits of the astrological Venus as the precious white opal is a gemstone that is sacred to the goddess Aphrodite


  • increases in business fortune through the water element workings of the Aquamarine


  • instant soothing and refreshment on the emotional level; emotional tranquility


  • a slowing of the aging process, a priceless benefit of Aquamarine


  • attraction of delightful new friendships through the Libran precious white opal


  • an increase in the feeling of inner beauty and goddess energy


  • increases ability to remain poised and graceful amidst stressful situations


  • higher connection to the divine feminine level of consciousness


  • raises "people skills" to the goddess level


  • supports harmony, happiness, and good fortune through all relationships


The energy blend from these earrings is simply euphoric. Our love and blessing to the new owner, Amari's magic is added to them as well.


With commitment to crystal quality,


Sal & Amari

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