Moldavite + Herkimer Pendant (VIDEO)

Moldavite + Herkimer Pendant (VIDEO)


This is a stunning, extremely high-frequency hybrid pendant made of large, high-grade Moldavite, super-quality Herkimer diamonds, pure silver and gold fill wire. It was personally created by Mystic Amari beneath a prominent Athena alignment. It offers the combined benefits of Moldavite and Herkimer diamond which include the following:


  • rapid destiny alignment


  • accelerated development of cosmic consciousness


  • powerful activation/enhancement of spiritual gifts/talents


  • celestial DNA awakening


  • accelerated attraction of twin flame, soul mates, spiritual team members


  • rapid vibrational ascension


  • radiantly enhanced light body and cellular health


  • amplification of astrological wealth, gate opening effects


  • rapid departure from mundane, unconscious life


  • greatly enhanced astrological experiences


  • powerful starseed awakening effect


  • opens one to cosmic level alchemy and magic


  • divinely charges the heart while elevating and expanding consciousness


  • anchors in pure God/Source light into the mind/body/astral


  • acclerates sublimation phase of alchemy, where one becomes sublime


  • offers visual/clairvoyant stimulation to the third eye


  • powerful enhancement of spiritual protection through upgraded aura


  • stimulates a crisp, focused, peaceful, pure and infinite mentality


  • resonates with Pleiades and Ophichus


  • increases experiences of divine revelation


  • opens clear awareness of soul purpose, starseed mission


  • powerful initiatory effects, opens the mental odyssey


  • enables victory during 'dark night of the soul'


  • enables master-level sense of presence, internal feel, higher connection


  • divine spiritual protection during radical but blessed transformation processes


This striking, cosmically-charged, one-of-a-kind pendant measures 2.5" in height and 1.3" in width. There are five super-clear highly scintillating Herkimer diamonds wrapped into the large core chunk of Moldavite. The beautiful wire wrapping was done by the psychic hands of Mystic Amari during an astrological time belonging to Athena. This is easily one of the most powerful, beautiful, and divinely charged pendants that Amari has ever made.


We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance. Quantum leap into the life that you were meant to live with this incredible hybrid pendant.


With commitment to crystal quality,


Sal & Amari


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