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Lilac Amethyst XII

Lilac Amethyst XII


In the Holy Bible amethyst is described in Revelation 21:20 as being the twelfth gemstone foundation beneath the city gates of the New Jerusalem that descends from Heaven to Earth. Amethyst’s connection to the divine new Earth is prophetically recorded and as Christian mystics we know that it can be used to rapidly develop the spiritual dimension of one’s life while helping one to conquer forms of self-sabotage, escapism, addiction and illusion. When someone is their own worst enemy amethyst can work a miracle of transformation that saves and blesses their life.


Amethyst has a powerful resonance with the Pisces constellation and the 12th house of the zodiac. Its energy can support one through a miraculous ‘tragedy to triumph’ life experience that leaves one standing victoriously over past pains and sorrows, even and especially when they seem impossible to overcome. Amethyst has a powerful connection to the water element which is how it attracts good fortune and growth into one’s life. Amethyst is also powerfully karmic so it’s a wise choice for people who have special work to accomplish on the karmic level, especially when debt is high.


Amethyst is steeped with legends that detail its ability to help one conquer addictions. It is well known as a gemstone of sobriety, a virtue that we can personally attest to. We recommend amethyst for people who need divine energetic support to conquer alcoholism, drug abuse, self-harm, suicidal drift and other types of negative behavioral patterns that are self-destructive in nature. Amethyst inspires a new level of purity, spiritual protection and positive focus in one’s life that empowers one to untangle complicated situations of sabotage and hardship connected to poor choices.


It is rumored that Saint Germaine, the old European master alchemist, wore a great medallion made of amethyst and diamond. Many wonderful miracles were attributed to this old master and we have always taken notice to the presence of amethyst in his tale. Amethyst is a wise choice for those who wish to enter the spiritual way of life as well as for those who wish to stay in peak spiritual power and divine connection. Amethyst resonates with Neptune so its value in magical operations and esoteric exploration is definite. Amethyst can also be used in miracle working alchemical efforts.


If one feels that they are under spiritual attack amethyst is a great protective crystal that also offers physical healing through its natural emission of far infrared light. Amethyst has a special magic that speeds up positive karmic returns so that we enjoy the fruit of our past righteousness more quickly and more richly. Amethyst can anchor cosmic light in ways that create miraculous occurrences in our lives. It is a powerful crystal to work with for those who have lost hope and for those who wish to rise out of tragic conditions yet it is gentle enough for those who are energy sensitive.


From an astrological perspective we especially recommend amethyst to those who were born with malefics in the 12th house, an afflicted Neptune, retrogrades in Pisces, Saturn in Pisces or Lilith in Pisces. We think that amethyst is a beneficial transit stone for the active transit of Saturn in Pisces which can easily sway people into extreme forms of self-sabotage. Amethyst will boost spiritual and cosmic development through the Pisces dimension so it’s also a wise choice for anyone seeking new strength of mastery in this area. Fly past all of your spiritual stick points with the ascension power of amethyst.


This is a beautiful, naturally-colored, master-cut amethyst pendant set in sterling silver. The expert faceting intensifies the energy of the amethyst which enables a very high level of energy experience. We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance.


With commitment to crystal quality,


Sal & Amari


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