Lilac Amethyst IX


Amethyst is one of the most beautiful of the violet ray crystals. Because of its connection with the constellation of Pisces and because of its mysterious operation through the water element amethyst is truly a gemstone of miracles. When one wears amethyst they gain access to the wealth and wonder of the invisible water element that pervades our reality. The energy of amethyst works to conquer and prevent all forms of life tragedy.


To be more specific, amethyst attracts wealth, support, grace, and relief through any active astrological water transit (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) as well as the elemental water that is contained within people, places, and things. As fortunate events draw near you’ll notice the underlying activity of the water element working secretly through people, places, and situations.


Beyond its command of the ‘wealth of the water’ amethyst has wonderful effects on sobriety and addiction breaking. It quells the spiritual and energetic components to addiction and self-destructive behavior so it makes for an excellent addition to an overall detox/rehab process. Amethyst is highly protective against spirits that want to draw you back to dark ways or habits from the past.


It is rumored that Saint Germaine, the old European Master Alchemist, wore a great medallion made of amethyst and diamond. Many wonderful miracles were attributed to this old master and we have always taken notice to the presence of amethyst in his tale. From our own sense and experience, amethyst can aid in the development of white magic abilities that operate in harmony with the divine cosmic laws. To us it is an especially magical crystal, one that I’ve worn on my wedding ring as a matter of fact.


As far as the spiritual virtues are concerned, amethyst offers a definite enhancement to one’s level of compassion, charity, and willingness to live selflessly for the sake of others. This type of virtue stimulus, which is Piscean in nature, is exactly what opens one to the more magical effects of amethyst. In terms of astrology, if you feel weak in Pisces, or if you have key placements in Pisces (Saturn, North Node, Sun, Moon, Fortune, etc) then amethyst makes for an even wiser choice.


If you’re ready to dive into the deep healing elemental waters of nature while opening up to a higher level of spiritual commitment, development, and reward this amethyst is ripe for your plucking. This strikingly beautiful pendant was created from high grade faceted amethyst and sterling silver. It measures 1.1" long by .5" wide. We ship worldwide with a perfect delivery success rate. Bring your angels nice and close with this divine amethyst pendant.


With passion for quality, truth, and beauty,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari


(amethyst users for 9+ years)


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