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Kyanite III

Kyanite III


Blue Kyanite is a gamma brain wave stimulating gemstone that will enable you to develop your higher mind functioning. Through resonance with its Gemini/Aquarius energy signature Blue Kyanite offers the following benefits:


  • gradual stimulation and increase of your intelligence quotient


  • increased cognitive processing speed and memory recall


  • enhanced ability with mental focus and multitasking


  • blissful development of extrasensory abilities


  • priceless development of higher mind abilities like telepathy


  • a lucid, calm, compassionate, coherent state of mind


  • greater ease with meditation and "downloading" information


  • an overall increase to the quality and value of your mind


  • revolutionary ability to interface with higher dimensional intelligences


Blue Kyanite was one of the first crystals that Amari and I began working with when we founded Starseed Astrology. We concur that it's one of the best starseed activation crystals because it opens the mind to operate on the gamma/cosmic level. 


Blue Kyanite will enrich your entire life through the divine upgrades that it instills in your mind. It's also a perfect crystal for anyone who suffers from forms of mental impairment. We believe that it rewires the neural pathways in divine ways. 


It's also a great choice for anyone who struggles with retrograde or afflicted Gemini or Aquarius astrological placements. This beautiful pendant was created from natural Blue Kyanite set in sterling silver. We ship worldwide. 


May your minds be peaceful, radiant, and prosperous!


Sal and Amari 

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