Key of Spirit

Key of Spirit

The Key of Spirit is one of the famed Hermetic lots. It reveals the specific degree in one's horoscope where the greatest spiritual ascension can occur. By observing astrological alignments to the Key of Spirit one can consciously invest themselves in the synchronous experiences that most powerfully promote their spiritual ascension.

With this service I will use an ancient Hermetic formula to calculate the precise location of your Key of Spirit. I will then reveal its location within your horoscope to the precise degree and house. I will also share the essence of your Key of Spirit so that you have a working knowledge of its nature and purpose.

I consider this to be an advanced astrological service. To be clear I will not reveal the formula used to calculate the Key of Spirit. I will hold it under a trade secret clause. That being said I will stand behind the authenticity and value of my wisdom by honoring a 100% money back guarantee should my client not be fully convinced and/or satisfied after one year's time.

Please have your precise date, city, and time of birth ready to share, verified by your birth certificate if possible.

When we ascend in spirit our life transforms divinely. Enjoy your fastest ascent with your Key of Spirit in mind.

With passion and integrity,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

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    Due to high client volume the current wait time for a Key of Spirit service delivery is approximately 8-10 weeks. If this is unacceptable to you please don't book.

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