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Jupiter’s Bliss

Jupiter’s Bliss


Lemurian quartz is one of the most valuable crystals for spiritual ascension. This is because they constantly increase the luminosity of our light body. This effect is evident in the ascending linear growth pattern that they uniquely display. This is nature’s way of telling us that they take us higher and higher the more that we use them. Lemurians lift us into higher dimensions of earthly life. They attune us to the reality that we seek.


High-grade Lemurians are amazing quality of life crystals. As they raise our inner light astrological events become more and more fortunate. They favorably alter our energy relationship with the universe and because of this they make our future brighter and sweeter. If you want to get more out of astrology daily meditation with one of our Lemurian crystals is the way to go. You'll be amazed in a magical way.


Lemurian crystals also have wonderful time saving effects. As they raise our inner light they accelerate us along our ascension path so that we achieve our goals and dreams more quickly. They are also superb healing crystals that can amplify the beneficial effects of other gems and crystals. Lemurian crystals also have the profound ability of linking us with light from the future. They can bridge astrological energy from the future here into the present.


Lemurian crystals also offer tremendous self-development value. If you don’t know what your talents and gifts are frequent meditation with Lemurian crystal can enable a new understanding of what you have to offer the world. For those who know their talents and gifts, Lemurian crystals will amplify and develop the value and power of them to extents that will astonish you. This has been our personal experience.


Our Lemurian crystals were grown over the course of thousands of years in Colombia. They are far superior in quality and energy to their Brazilian counterparts. This year we learned that supply of these exceptionally high grade specimens is drying up during a time when their demand is going up. We've gone out of our way to offer you the best of the best. The price reflects the crystal quality and the most current market variables.


This particular specimen is absolutely divine. As soon as you touch it you can feel a massive infusion of light and high frequency into your aura. It has great size, perfect clarity, razor-sharp Lemurian line definition, internal rainbows, record keeper markings, a perfect tip, and a beautiful, scintillating druzy effect on its rear face. This is one of the finest specimens that we have ever seen in almost one decade in the crystal culture. It is a wise spiritual investment that will yield tremendous fruit over the course of a lifetime.


We ship worldwide with insurance and tracking. Contact us with any questions that you may have prior to purchase. This is a rare, one-of-a-kind beauty that epitomizes the highest quality Lemurian crystal on the entire planet. This one is full of divine magic.


With commitment to crystal quality,

Sal & Amari


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  • Return Policy

    This crystal is being sold in pristine condition. All sales are final.

  • Outside USA Shipping, Insurance Rates

    Foreign buyers who reside outside the continental USA, be advised that we can't insure this crystal for $4000 through the USPS, another currier will be required for this. Additional shipping and insurance fees will apply for foreign shipments with details to come via email after the inital purchase. Additional fees will relate exactly to foreign insurance currier fees. We want a safe, secure delivery for you and this is the way that this can be guaranteed.

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