Imperial Topaz & Garnet

Imperial Topaz & Garnet


This beautiful pair of earrings was custom designed by Mystic Amari for the purpose of increasing wealth, wisdom, and harmonious living with the cosmic law. Garnet was chosen as a classic prosperity gemstone that also resonates with the Uranus in Taurus transit. Imperial Topaz was chosen for its effects on cosmic law, wisdom, personal freedom, and resonance with the upcoming Jupiter in Sagittarius transit.


Amari created these out of genuine imperial topaz, faceted garnet, steriling silver, and gold fill wire. This is a very wise gem combination considering our upcoming astrological conditions. By resonating with the transits of the planets we open ourselves to the highest fortunes and experiences that they can offer. Resonance is the key and these earrings will certainly do the trick. They will help you to grow and prosper in spiritual and material terms as they carry a Taurus/Sagittarius energy signature.


Although not included in this product, we also recommend one of our beautiful Star Garnet pendants as a perfect match to this earring set. This is a splendid combination that will have you feeling wise, inspired, productive, materially secure, and universally supported with abundance. These earrings are 3.5" long and are a wise astrological match for the times. They can also be used to increase your earth and fire if you feel weak in them.


Feel free to contact us with any questions. They are much more lovely in person, the photos don't do justice. You'll feel them enhancing your aura as soon as you put them on. Absolutely magical for the times. Matching gems to stars is an ancient practice and we personally endorse the reality of this mystical function. May your days be filled with joy, abundance, wisdom, and newfound personal freedoms!


With passion, integrity, and lots of mystical experience,


Sal & Amari

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