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Golden Lemurian Point (15)

Golden Lemurian Point (15)

Golden Lemurian crystals are rare treasures within the mineral kingdom. They offer the following benefits to those who use them:

- instant spiritual and energetic shielding against evil and negativity

- rapid acceleration of spiritual development and alchemical progress

- rapid upliftment and expansion of consciousness toward enlightenment

- profound enrichment through the accumulation of inner spiritual light

- rapid ascension into higher dimensions and qualities of earthly life

- rapid blossoming of untapped potentials; talents, skills, abilities, etc

- powerful but gentle energetic support toward physical healing

- crown chakra opening for clear and genuine reception of spiritual inspiration

- loving and harmonious resonance with guardian angels and spirit guides

- enhancement of physical beauty through the golden/white light frequency

- enhances manifestation ability through resonance with the golden/white light

- works to clear mystery illnesses rooted in energetic imbalance or toxicity

- helps one to remain focused on ascension-promoting activities, for self and others

- wonderful increases in meditation and sleep quality over time

- promotes inner sensation of warmth, clarity, peace, wisdom, and strength

- prepares one to receive the indwelling of the Holy Spirit

- assists one in raising their virtue and karmic status

- helps to break free of various forms of limitation and      bondage

- helps one to maximize their God-given potential

- helps one to discover the Inner Kingdom

This particular specimen measures 3.6" in length, .75" in wide, and .75" in thickness. It has excellent terminations, beautiful golden crystal growth, and gracefully uplifting energy. Ascend into a golden future with this rare crystal treasure.
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