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Rare Eudialyte Heart

Rare Eudialyte Heart


Little known to the metaphysical community, Eudialyte, with its beautiful reddish-purple crystal matrix, is a gemstone that emits a deep, sacred and calming energy that instantly comforts the body, mind, heart and soul. Unlike other healing crystals, Eudialyte possesses a distinct sacredness to it that evokes thoughts of the Holy Grail, the Blood of Christ and the Holy Trinity when held or worn. On the spiritual level it quickens transition into sinless living which opens one to higher blessings from God. As a gemstone of renewal it has great value in healing broken hearts and helping people to ascend from extremely difficult emotional states, like those experienced upon the loss of a loved one, a severe trauma, or criminal victimization, for example.


Eudialyte distinctly resonates with experiences of spiritual warfare and personal sacrifice for the sake of others. It prepares one energetically to succeed against new and daunting phases of spiritual challenge while opening us to the wisdom and spiritual rewards connected to noble sacrifice. Through its alchemy it raises our convictions to do things which are right and necessary for divine will to be served and all with an air of fearless steadfastness. Through its healing and activation of the heart it enables people to reclaim aspects of themselves which have felt lost or stolen. We sense it as a powerful recovery crystal that quickens wound healing while imbuing a new and refreshing sense of stability, purpose and strength.


Elementally we sense earth, fire and water from Eudialyte through the astrological signatures of Taurus, Leo and Scorpio, an extremely uncommon combination of energy to find in a singular gemstone. Through these cosmic archetypes Eudialyte’s energy supports recovery from victimization, reconnection with the divine after trauma, revitalized spiritual endurance, enhancement of one’s spiritual work and purpose, the restoration of lost faith, the banishment of fear and deep internal exploration of one’s sacred side as God knows it. Eudialyte opens one to a rebirthing and refinement process that enables new access to higher spiritual power and resource. As it does new senses are awakened that empower us to live more effective spiritual lives.


When we hold Eudialyte to our bodies we sense an immediate nerve soothing and heart calming effect. As this happens the mind is also calmed putting one into a very pleasant state of mental and spiritual receptivity which is key to receiving genuine guidance during a time of crisis, confusion or illness. Eudialyte gently purges residual energies that have remained from past diseases, traumas or hardships so that one can heal and evolve beyond them. Visually we saw a human silhouette as shattered glass with Eudialyte’s energy then working to perfectly restore all the broken fragments into a bright new whole. To the new owners of our Eudialyte, we wish you perfect healing, transformation and divine blessing.


This is a high-grade, choice-color specimen of rare Russian Eudialyte cut and polished into a lovely heart shape. We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance.


Written with integrity to Eudialyte’s true properties,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari


© 2021. Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved.

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