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Ethiopian Opal & Silver Pendant (VIDEO)

Ethiopian Opal & Silver Pendant (VIDEO)


The Queen of the Gems is sacred to the goddess Aphrodite as it offers the virtues of friendship, harmony, love and prosperity through a developed mastery of the interpersonal aspect of our lives. Precious opals help us to feel beautiful, peaceful and receptive of universal grace through partnership. The correspondence to Venus and Libra energy is clear, fine opals help us to make art and success of all our dealings with others.


Precious opal enhances interpersonal finesse, charisma, attraction, wit, elegance and sophistication to extents that seem otherworldly as if a muse were seducing a crowd with heavenly pleasantries. Fine opals resonate with Renaissance culture with an emphasis on divine relationships and all the fruits thereof. When worn fine opals establish a fortune-attracting resonance with Venus which is a treasure par excellence.  


People who struggle with social phobias or wounds connected to past relationship traumas will benefit greatly from opal’s energy as it can heal guarded hearts and trust issues that can sabotage new love or friendship from happening. Opal helps a closed and wounded heart to blossom anew like a flower showing its full beauty to the sun. We recommend opals for those who would like to experience a richer and more beautiful relationship dimension.


Opals are wise for those whose work or profession is strongly ‘people’ oriented as its energy works to keep everything smooth, lovely, problem free and prosperous. Opals are especially great for people in sales, customer service, luxury goods, beauty, fashion, contracting, human resources, mediation, diplomacy and those who financially depend on the art of the deal.


Opal raises a valuable form of relationship intuition so that one can better sense infidelity, breaches of trust, loyalty, potential for good, true motives, romantic interest and all of the unspoken things that secretly exist between us. If you’re unsure about the people in your circle or if you’d simply like an edge in your social life fine opal was created by God for you. Receive its energy and master your social life with the deft of a demigod.


Opal’s energy is a divine antidote for loneliness as it helps us to manifest true friends, business partners and potential lovers that are worth our time and attention. Opals can be used to heal unpleasant friction that exists within relationships, including on the martial level. Opals can be symbolic of renewed vows and commitments where mistakes have been made. They are also wise for helping people to heal retrogrades or other types of afflictions in Libra.


Opal is an alchemical treasure as it empowers us to overcome aspects of our shadow self that harm our lives through negative behavior, personality traits and internal sabotage. Its energy works to sweetly transmute base qualities into angelic intelligence while functioning as an ego disruptor and chain breaker with emphasis on negative psychology, emotion and perception. Opal is magnificent for advancing through our inner alchemy.


Amari distinctly senses a soul-polishing Holy Spirit resonance on fine opal which works to dissolve lower traits of spiritual interference that restrict us from having great relationships, positive self-image, inner peace, material prosperity and genuine manifestation power. Opal works especially well to heal and protect us from dangerous spiritual vices such as lust, envy, greed, anger, pride and hate. In this sense opal is a gift from Heaven.


This gorgeous pendant was personally created by Mystic Amari, the psychic half of Starseed Astrology, out of fine, naturally-colored Ethiopian opal and sterling silver wire. Wearing it will keep you divinely exposed to its energy benefits which will amplify with time. We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance. We send love, blessings and best wishes to the wise owner of this magical pendant.


Joyfully serving your experience of crystal alchemy,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari


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