Datolite Cluster


Datolite is a rare and precious stimulator of Hermetic intelligence and creativity. It corresponds to the planet Uranus and it enables one to connect with infinite creative intelligence. Its energy feels soothing, exhilarating, and warm all at the same time. It fills the aura with highly motivational lime light that expresses itself through a super-state of mental acuity, gamma-wave creativity, and amplified manifestation power. This is a genius stimulating crystal that will open you to unbelievable new levels of mental performance and inner confidence. If Hermes had a favorite crystal it would be Datolite.  


Datolite is a powerful “clair-activator” for those who are interested in developing or sharpening higher mind capabilities like clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, telepathy, and others. Its energy feels like a mixture of Mercury, Uranus, Gemini, Leo, and Aquarius for those who speak in this language. Datolite is a superb choice for genuine alchemists who live by the adage “mind over matter.” Datolite’s vibes will lift your mind into dramatic new levels of value, performance, and potential. Although it is highly mentally stimulating it also offers a comforting grounding influence, stable genius style.


We recommend using Datolite as a meditative enhancer with it being placed over the third eye on the center of the forehead. Larger pieces can be placed over the solar plexus or held in the hands. This particular specimen was grown in Mexico. It is untreated, undyed, and totally natural in color. If you want to quantum leap the value and potential of your mind Datolite is your crystal ticket. We have used and benefited from Datolite for years and now in our hearts we know that it will always be one of Starseed Astrology’s signature crystals. We love Datolite that much! Hermes can whisper through it...


May your minds shine with beautiful new genius,


Sal & Amari


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