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Datolite Pendant

Datolite Pendant


Datolite is a rare and precious stimulator of Hermetic intelligence. It corresponds to the planet Uranus and it gradually attunes the mind to interface with the infinite creative intelligence that dwells in the cosmos. Its energy feels physically calming, mentally exhilarating, and super-coherent, especially in the rare and beautiful druzy variety.


Datolite fills the aura with highly motivational lime light that expresses itself through a super-state of mental acuity, gamma-wave creativity, and amplified manifestation power. This is a genius stimulating crystal that will open you to unbelievable new levels of mental performance and inner confidence. If Hermes had a favorite crystal it would certainly be Datolite.


Datolite is a powerful “clair-activator” for those who are interested in developing or sharpening higher mind capabilities like clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, telepathy, and others. Its energy feels like a mixture of Mercury, Uranus, Venus, Gemini, Leo, and Aquarius for those who speak the language of the stars.


Datolite is a superb choice for genuine alchemists who live by the adage “mind over matter.” Datolite’s vibes will lift your mind into dramatic new levels of value, performance, power, and potential. Although it is highly mentally stimulating it also offers a comforting grounding influence. Through its wonderful effects Datolite speaks “stable genius.”


We recommend using Datolite as a meditative enhancer with it being placed over the third eye on the center of the forehead. Larger pieces can be placed over the solar plexus or held in the hands. Datolite is a starseed activation crystal as it will attune your mind to various types of cosmic intelligence. It harmonizes extremely well with Moldavite as well.


We have benefited from Datolite’s energy for years and we will always offer it as one of Starseed Astrology’s signature crystals. We love Datolite that much! With more light in your mind, especially of the genius variety, you will feel much more empowered in your life. Datolite will open you to the magical dimensions of mind over matter.


This is a high energy datolite pendant wrapped in silver and gold fill wire by Mystic Amari. It has chalcopyrite crystals mixed in which offers a boost to manifestation power and strength of will. The energy of this pendant will have you feeling brilliant and focused so that you can manifest what you need to with a supercharged mind.


May your mind shine with beautiful new genius as God always intended,


Sal & Amari


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