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Chariote V

Chariote V


Charoite is the most valuable psychological healing crystal in the mineral kingdom. This is our expert opinion after years of experience in the crystal healing culture. Charoite is quite rare as it is only found in a remote, Siberian region of Russia. It comes in the most beautiful hues of purple with cloud patterns that resemble the planet Jupiter which is the most beneficial in all of astrology.


Charoite’s energy is a bit mysterious because it has such powerful deep healing effects for such a subtle sensory impression. When you hold it or wear it you feel a welcomed stability and calming effect. You notice that your mind gets clear and untangled from negative thoughts and patterns, even if they are extremely intense.


The real blessing of Charoite is that it purifies and strengthens our subconscious mind while protecting our conscious mind from external spiritual attack. Charoite’s energy melts away fear, hate, pain, and life-limiting trauma patterns in the most gentle and astonishing way. If you’ve been through hell it will deliver concrete results in helping you to reclaim a pure and stable mind.


As Charoite works its mental and psychological healing magic you’ll notice a cleaner, stronger mind emerging. This is when the next phase of its value opens: the strengthening of your intuition and if applicable, psychic abilities or potentials. Charoite will help you to fearlessly develop “Scorpio gifts” that have been buried by pain, fear, or other forms of negative distraction.


On a more serious note we know that Charoite is a great recovery crystal for those who have battled with demonic energies. Demons often attack at the subconscious level. They can even reside there, in stealth, where they bide their time to fully infiltrate the conscious mind towards evil outcomes. Charoite works to heal and close the psychic wounds where demons can attack and reside.


Charoite is our number one PTSD recovery crystal. Survivors of abuse, whether physical, mental, emotional, or sexual, can find great mental and psychic relief from daily meditation with it. Charoite offers a type of healing that can’t be found anywhere else in nature. It is “Scorpio gold” to us meaning that it is a healing treasure of this powerful house. Click here to read a Charoite review from one of our highly impressed clients.


This pendant was created from high-grade Charoite and sterling silver. This purchase does not include a silver chain.


May your healing be deep, peaceful, and empowering.


With years of professional Charoite experience,


Astrologer Salvador Russo


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