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Cavansite Druzy

Cavansite Druzy

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Cavansite is a rare, precious, and beautiful gemstone that comes from India. Cavansite is sacred to Mnemosyne, titan goddess of memory, time, muses, and oracles. Cavansite offers the following metaphysical benefits:


  • develops a benevolent psychic connection to the titan goddess Mnemosyne


  • strengthens intuitive connection to ancestral knowledge, wisdom, and life experience


  • stimulates a divine understanding of one’s past experiences, including past lives


  • boosts and heals memory while gently amplifying psychic and intuitive power


  • aids with emotional healing and mastery, empathic control, and psychic shielding


  • carries a “that was then, this is now” energy that releases prisoners of the past


  • opens new neural pathways that will aid with important life transitions


  • inspires rapid enlightenment on the ancient world; a powerful crystal teacher


  • promotes mental acuity that translates into enhanced manifestation power  


  • deepens intuitive understanding of life cycles and astrological lunar cycles


  • supports the success of vital mental and emotional evolution


  • resonates with enlightened Aquarius and Cancer astrological energies


Cavansite is especially beneficial to use during stressful times of transition when calm, focus, and a higher understanding of the situation are crucial for success. It promotes ascension from cycle to cycle through the higher mental and intuitive state that it fosters. Cavansite will also open a floodgate of spiritually enriching inner experiences that are rooted in the ancient past.


This is a beautiful, genuine Cavansite pendant set in sterling silver. It is rare to find Cavansite in this exceptional color quality. This pendant will bring the divine touch of Mnemosyne into your life. We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance.


With commitment to crystal quality,


Sal & Amari


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