Blue Lotus Infused Palo Santo


Palo Santo, otherwise known as Holy Wood, is one of nature's most powerful environmental purifiers. The sacred smoke from Palo Santo expels the densest and most negative energies to restore a clear, protected, and naturally spiritualized space. It has been used by shamans and spiritualists throughout the world for centuries for all types of positive mystical practices.


Amari was recently inspired, through her Athena in Virgo, to formulate an enhanced alchemical version of Palo Santo for community use. She has infused pure frankincense, clary sage, and orange essential oils with calendula flower, nettle, chaga mushroom, butterfly pea flower, hibiscus, and an ancient favorite from Egypt, the extremely mystical and highly revered blue lotus flower which was used to communicate with the gods. This inspired formulation offers tremendous spiritual value.


The nettle in particular is well known to have great medicinal value as well as protective and transmutational effects against works and practitioners of black magic. The vibration of nettle, when mixed with the blue lotus, essential oils, and other pure organic botanicals, offers a potent black magic antidote for those who are engaged in hardcore spiritual warfare. The blue lotus adds an entirely new dimension of value as it was used in sacred ceremonies and religious celebrations in ancient Egypt. Pharaohs were actually buried with blue lotus, it was so esteemed.


As an astrologer husband I can attest that Amari was suddenly inspired to create this product during the timing of Athena. That considered, I believe that our Blue Lotus Infused Palo Santo also carries a connection to the goddess of wisdom herself. Let the effects speak for themselves. With each order you will receive a three pack of Blue Lotus Infused Palo Santos infused with the aforementioned ingredient blend along with a complimentary Lemurian crystal to enhance the energy further.


Amari designed this blend to be more mental and enlightening than the other Palo Santo blend that we offer. The blue lotus stimulates a wonderfully fragrant enlightenment effect on the mind. It feels crisp, calm, and inspirational on the mind when breathed so we recommend it for spiritual rituals, ceremonies, and deep meditations done on special astrological days. The Blue Lotus Infused Palo Santo will help you to achieve much richer meditative results while opening new mental pathways in your mind. Make sure to save the formula ingredients for your smudge bowl!


If you're interested in a bulk order write us through our contact page for a bulk discount.


With passion and integrity,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari


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