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Azurite Geode Druzy Pendant

Azurite Geode Druzy Pendant


Esteemed and treasured among ancient Egyptian royals and high priests, azurite has offered humanity crystalline access into advanced mystical learning for thousands of years. Back then, azurite pigment was used in religious ceremonies upon the foreheads of priests and initiates to stimulate clairvoyance of the spiritual and cosmic realms. A highly inspirational and visionary stone, azurite is a precious asset for those seeking ever-increasing levels of enlightenment and truth, especially in the mysterious esoteric realm where magic, gnosis and carefully guarded wisdom flow.  

Azurite resonates with the archetypes of high priest, high priestess, master sage and master magician. We sense the energy signatures of Sagittarius, Pisces and Scorpio on azurite in that priority order, a combination which is extremely exotic and powerful for mystical learning experiences. We sense that azurite is sacred to Raziel, the angel of the Divine Mysteries, and that it enriches lives through enlightenment, divine knowledge and wisdom, spiritual ability amplification and empowered mystical perception. As it spoke to us it offers “a prophet’s education.”


Azurite is preventative of evil through the inner vision and teaching that it raises within us. It shows us and helps us to understand what is true and what should be done to thwart evil and create divine outcomes, including in the lives of others. Azurite is a powerful crystal of discernment that dispels illusions, repels deceiving spirits and safeguards one against entering false paths, virtues which will be especially valuable during Saturn’s transit of Pisces between March of ‘23 and February of ‘26. Azurite raises a deep level of insight that can feel sacred or holy at times.  


We highly recommend fine azurite for those who wish to blossom in wisdom, insight, knowledge, vision and understanding. Azurite is wonderfully placed with students, seekers, initiates, spiritual aspirants, budding mystics, religious devotees, alchemists and God serving practitioners of the mystical arts. It offers priceless value for mystical readers of all types because it sharpens and enriches one’s intuitive understanding of their client so that they can deliver maximum value, a key aspect of long-term success in the mystical services industry and ascension process.


Azurite offers a very healthy energy on the mental and spiritual levels especially. It will help you to learn faster and improve your life more quickly through applied lessons, teachings and new understanding gained within. Azurite is an amazing ‘student of life’ crystal that will have you figuring things out with speed, depth, clarity, power and proportion to your place in the grand cosmic scheme. On the astral plane and through the context of our birth charts azurite offers a special enrichment in the 9th house of higher learning, philosophy and freedom.


Enter your odyssey and prosper through wisdom gained with this rare, beautiful, natural colored azurite geode pendant that’s been set in polished sterling silver. Wearing it will keep you constantly exposed to azurite’s beneficial energy-properties. By the way, azurite harmonizes extremely well with lapis lazuli, sapphire and malachite which we also offer. We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance, we’ll be teaching more about azurite in an upcoming crystal book.


Joyfully bringing you the best from the mineral kingdom,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari


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