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Aura Topaz Micro Faceted Waterfall Bracelet (4mm)

Aura Topaz Micro Faceted Waterfall Bracelet (4mm)


This is a beautiful, finely faceted, top quality aura topaz waterfall bracelet. It features three varieties of topaz in the white, champagne and imperial color shades along with a slight yet scintillating aura bonding. The adjustable clasp is sterling silver and the beads have been cut with great precision.


Topaz is a Biblical gemstone with great metaphysical properties which can be learned about, at length, in this article. Topaz is the Sagittarian birthstone that offers great metaphysical benefits such as an enhanced connection to divine wisdom and cosmic law, increases in freedom and prosperity, fortunes in Sagittarian themed careers and rich new inner access to divine spiritual inspiration. 


Access the fortunes of fire with this gorgeous bracelet, a wise choice for anyone with key astrological placements in Sagittarius.


Sal & Amari

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