Atlantean Ascension Pendant

Atlantean Ascension Pendant


Larimar, which is known famously as the Stone of Atlantis, is a strikingly beautiful gemstone that can only be found in the Dominican Republic. It is imprinted with the spirit of ancient Atlantis, the fallen kingdom that was once home to an enlightened master race. What many don't know about Larimar is that it carries the astrological energies of Aquarius, Cancer, and Virgo. This energy mixture makes it one of the most valuable gene healing and gene activating crystals in the world.


Larimar is a genetic super crystal. It can be used by anyone who wants to consciously upgrade their DNA quality. We sense that it is one of the great longevity crystals with life extension potential so long as one is living clean and wise. Its energy feels soothing yet subtly electrifying, a sense that matches its unique lightning on water design. Larimar has a distinct community vibe to it, one of brotherly and sisterly love and inclusion.


As the Stone of Atlantis we sense that it can awaken dormant cellular and soul-level memories of past lives, especially those that connect to Atlantean lifetimes. Larimar is one of the great emotional healers that also creates harmony between genders. It balances male and female energies towards a harmonious union. Larimar has a spiritual connection with Dolphin energy and the healing frequencies that they emit.


Anxiety and stress melt away to Larimar's energy which makes one feel as if they are immersed in a biologically refreshing healing water. There is a definite resonance between Larimar and the Delphinus constellation which shines at 15° Aquarius. It raises intuition on biological and spiritual family while attracting past life connections into your reality. The Stone of Atlantis will help you to connect with your true tribe in this life cycle.


Larimar is a crystal of biological and energetic homeostatis. It immediately puts the body into this cellular healing state. It can communicate to us through clairvoyance. For example, as I type this I saw a DNA helix being filled with bluish/white light to the point of a blinding flash. We feel that Larimar is a gemstone of rapid genetic evolution. It is a wise choice for anyone who cherishes life and for conscious families around the world.


Larimar has great synergy with Lemurian crystal and Seraphinite, a master healing crystal from Russia that we also offer. It can be used effectively on its own or it can be amplified by these other healing crystals. Years ago we were guided to use Larimar during our pregnancies and the results were always divine. Pregnant mothers and unborn children are blessed by its energy, new super people are seeded by it.


In addition to the aforementioned reasons, we recommend the Stone of Atlantis to those who were born with 4th house Aquarius, 11th house Cancer, 6th house Cancer, Saturn in Cancer, and birth planets in either Cancer or Aquarius. Amari senses that Larimar is a wise choice for environmental healers as it will help them to access high, ancient wisdom about planetary stewardship, resource utilization, and nature alchemy.


This beautiful pendant was created from Larimar and sterling silver.


With commitment to crystal quality,


Sal & Amari


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