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Angel Quartz

Angel Quartz


Angelic light of restoration pulses through rutilated quartz which is popularly known in the crystal culture as ‘angel hair’ quartz. This unique variety of quartz is extraordinarily beautiful and is becoming increasingly desired in the metaphysical world. The highly luminous golden strands are formed out of titanium, an element that imbues one with great strength of character and physical endurance. Angel quartz is a ‘darkness to light’ crystal that is ideal for those seeking bright paths out of pain, trauma and austerity. There is a definite Christed energy to angel quartz that makes it truly magical in effect.


Angel quartz empowers a person to ascend rapidly out of dark, traumatic, prison types of scenarios. Its energy transforms confusion into clarity, hopelessness into faith and course ways into graceful manners. Like Herkimer diamond, angel quartz is a superb ‘dark night of the soul’ crystal that will accelerate its owner into a far brighter and more beautiful dimension of reality. On the inner level angel quartz’s heavenly energy transforms prison patterns into progress patterns. There’s a purification and beautification experience that comes with angel quartz as it opens a new and divine path of discovery.


Amari sensed clearly that angel quartz is an excellent crystal to work with when one is dealing with death, difficult transitions, or extreme emotional pain. The word “catharsis” came to mind repeatedly when we held angel quartz, an old Greek word that means “purification, cleansing and clarification”, especially on the emotional level. We recommend angel quartz to those who feel frozen in emotional pain and to survivors of domestic or child abuse. I just had a vision of a child coming out of darkness with an angel quartz being placed around their neck. The child then ascended up into a bright sun.


Amari emphasizes the trauma recovery value of angel quartz, a lotus crystal that will keep one focused on light and the path of the astrological sun. We sense a definite Leo/Taurus/Virgo energy signature on angel quartz, a mixture that translates into healing, beautification and the joyful increase of self-esteem. This is a crystal that will return a smile to a person who feels that they can’t smile anymore. A wise choice for the broken hearted and a sacred choice for those who seek a closer energetic relationship with Jesus Christ. This is the Christed crystal of Earth angels and those who wish to be Earth angels.


This is a beautiful pendant of genuine angel quartz set in sterling silver. We ship fast with tracking and insurance.


With passion and integrity,


Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari


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