Amethyst Wand

Amethyst Wand


Amethyst is one of the most beautiful and metaphysically valuable violet ray crystals. Because of its resonance with the Pisces constellation and because of its benevolent operation through the water element amethyst is truly a gemstone of miracles. It is especially valuable in these challenging days and times because amethyst protects against great tragedies including suicide, addiction and other forms of escapism, self-delusion and feelings of hopelessness.


Amethyst is a great choice for people with major amounts of karma to repay and untangle. Its energy magnetizes experiences into our lives that allow us to replay spiritual karma in good, righteous and harmonious ways that open up our path of ascension. Amethyst also attracts blessing, grace and protection into our lives in accordance with our spiritual karma. In a more advanced alchemical way amethyst can serve as a crystal anchor for new Pisces energy so that the house signed with Pisces becomes richer than it was.


Amethyst is a wise choice for anyone who wants to enter the spiritual way of life as it’s a great transition crystal from the mundane world into the esoteric world. It is rumored that Saint Germaine, the old European master alchemist, wore a great medallion made of amethyst and diamond. Many wonderful miracles were attributed to this old master and we have always taken notice to the presence of amethyst in his tale. Amethyst is also a master level crystal of magic.


In terms of correspondence, amethyst is one of the Neptune crystals so it a super choice for anyone who wants to navigate the active Neptune transit of Pisces with far greater success. Amethyst is one of our top recommendations for ascension during the Neptune transit of Pisces, especially for anyone who finds themself in a challenging situation that is connected to a Neptune aspect (square, opposition, etc). Amethyst makes a Neptune transit smooth, enlightening and blessed.


This is a naturally terminated amethyst wand in great color and quality level. It has excellent lines, a perfect tip and a beautiful internal crystal environment. This is a heavenly meditative enhancer that can also be used in deep healing work. A great addition to any crystal tool box or collection. Harness the full magic of Neptune with this glorious amethyst wand.


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Sal & Amari


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