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Afghan Aquamarine Faceted Bracelet

Afghan Aquamarine Faceted Bracelet


Aquamarine is the true birthstone of Cancer. Its name derives from the Latin words for sea water which is most appropriate since Cancer astrologically governs the seas and oceans of our planet. It is one of the most valuable longevity crystals in the world so it’s a natural choice for anyone seeking a good and unusually long life. Aquamarine is life force in crystal form and in terms of energy geometry it is the Flower of Life crystal that offers a divine cellular refreshment that feels both youthful and exuberant.


Aquamarine increases good fortune in all business affairs so it’s perfect for any businessman or businesswoman who is ready to enter a higher dimension of success. Because of Cancer’s rulership over properties and real estate it is also our number one crystal recommendation for any real estate professional. Aquamarine is also a great fertility crystal that primes the body for procreation. Its energy is soothing, refreshing, and uplifting as if an oasis has sprung up within. It offers priceless emotional healing so it is especially valuable for people who struggle on the emotional level. It quells anger and impulsive tempers while raising empathy and sensitivity to the needs of others.


Aquamarine offers the perfect kind of energy to have in a home, apartment, or living space. Just as Cancer rules family life Aquamarine is the number one family crystal in the entire mineral kingdom and it actually comes from the beryl group of crystals which are a family unto themselves. If you want to increase the harmony, prosperity, and security of your home invite an Aquamarine into it. Family healing can be radically advanced through the therapeutic use of Aquamarine which can also be highly beneficial in sensitive past life regression sessions. If you’ve had a bad relationship with your mother Aquamarine’s energy can feel especially beneficial.


Aquamarine is a “memory lane” type of crystal. Its energy bubbles up beautiful memories from our past that create sentimental joy in our hearts and minds. You’ll know that it’s working because the memories it recalls are not part of our typical day-to-day thought process. Aquamarine shows us the forgotten gems from our past that motivate and inspire a higher future and it does this in the sweetest, most loving way possible. It raises emotional IQ, it teaches us how to process emotions productively, and it helps us to live from the heart. It brings a very tender, sincere energy with it, the kind that opens and heals relationships.


Although we have yet to verify this with scientific testing, we sense that Aquamarine’s energy has a super-beneficial effect on telomere lengthening, on slowing the aging process, and on reversing our biological clock. Scientists have already observed how “treated cells” behave much younger than untreated cells. Through our experience we believe that our cells can also be “treated” by Aquamarine’s energy in a similar or perhaps superior way. This genetic/longevity aspect of Aquamarine is priceless.


On a more mystical level, Aquamarine is sacred to Poseidon and Amphitrite, god and goddess of the seas. It aids with safe passage over water and good fortune through water-based commerce. I see sailors holding it in their hand and smiling in my mind as I write this. Amari senses a distinct divine feminine energy with Aquamarine, very likely from Amphitrite, an all-nurturing goddess energy that feels indescribably good. Amari also senses that Aquamarine inspires us to care more for our body through an increase in cellular intelligence and awareness.


We genuinely believe that Aquamarine has Fountain of Youth type effects on our bodies and that this is one of its greatest gifts. In terms of astrology, we especially recommend it to anyone born with the Sun in Cancer, the Moon in Cancer, Saturn in Cancer, or retrogrades in Cancer. Aquamarine is also a wonderful gemstone for new parents and for those who are challenged with strife on the home front. It also makes a great gift to someone who is homeless or who struggles with personal security. Aquamarine is “the jewel of the sea” that “draws all the water from the firmament of Heaven” to the aid of its owner. It will always be one of our favorites.


This beautiful bracelet was created from naturally-colored, high-grade, 10mm faceted aquamarine beads, durable strech cord and a gold fill bead by Mystic Amari, the psychic half of Starseed Astrology. Wearing it will keep you constantly exposed to its wonderful energetic properties. This is a one of a kind braclet, we have just one in stock, so if it calls to you, claim it.


With commitment to crystal quality,


Sal & Amari

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