mystic amari

My name is Amari Russo. I am a Christian mystic descended from Native American, French, Prussian, and Romanian bloodlines. I am a gifted clairvoyant who is able to see and know all that I should to serve my clients in extraordinary ways. I have a Leo Sun, a Pisces Moon, and an Aries Rising. I am an old soul here to help bring Heaven to Earth.


My psychic powers began to amplify after a traumatic car accident years ago. I was pronounced clinically dead twice and had a profound afterlife experience where I telepathically communicated with God. By pure grace I was brought back to life so that I could fulfill my spiritual destiny. I am like the lotus and the phoenix…


My spiritual path quantum leaped when I reunited with my twin flame Salvador. Since then my path of service has flourished and many powerful mystical doors have opened to me. I am extremely creative by nature. I receive ceaseless visions and inspiration from the higher realms that helps me to create and produce in extraordinary ways. Beauty is at the heart of all that I do.


I am a passionate wife, mother, friend, citizen, vegan, culinary artist, designer, painter, and, as my clients would tell you, an exceptional spiritual counselor. I love to channel my energies into the lives of others and I measure myself by the positive effects I have on them.


I am an expert in relationship counseling, crisis management, conscious business creation, branding, marketing, lifestyle transformation, holistic healing, destiny, prediction, and all esoteric matters of spirit. My soul type is Pleiadian and now I’d love to know more about you…


Cosmic love and light,


Mystic Amari

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