Sal & Amari

We are Sal and Amari Russo, the co-owners and co-creators of Starseed Astrology. We are Christian Mystics, vegan connoisseurs, conscious republicans, spiritual parents, crystal enthusiasts, and natural leaders.

Amari was born a Leo Sun, Pisces Moon, and Aries Rising. I was born a Sagittarius Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Aries Rising. We have been working successfully as a professional astrologer/psychic couple since 2011.

We were wed in Sedona, Arizona under a very powerful astrological alignment. Since then our spiritual alchemy has accelerated dramatically. We serve an international clientele with our abilities.

We have worked with clients from all religions and walks of life. We have worked with celebrities, government officials, high-net-worth individuals, doctors, mystics, and wonderful people on various paths.

We successfully predicted the historic election of President Trump and we are known for a long list of other accurate astrological predictions. Our service record is golden, read our reviews page.

We are genuine twin flames as you might tell from our picture. We consider ourselves to be 'the real deal' in a community that is full of charlatans with massive integrity problems. Integrity is first with us.

What you see is but a small glimpse of our creative vision for the future of our company. Expect much more! We have many exciting projects planned including ground-breaking astrology books


Business Astrology is the golden ace in our sleeve. We dedicated our company to God at a perfect astrological time beneath a Leo Sun. We develop our company in harmony with the laws of Business Astrology.

Amari is the professional psychic and I am the professional astrologer. We have great passion for our work and together we are well within our spiritual master training. We have overcome great obstacles.

We send love to all the loyal fans from around the world who have been with us through the years. We assure you that our best service is ahead of us with your lives and destinies in mind. God bless you all!

Jupiter blessings,

Sal & Amari

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